Top Best John Green 5 Motivational Short Stories ?

Top Best John Green 5 Motivational Short Stories ?
Top Best short Stories

What are the best motivational stories?

This article discusses inspirational stories written by author John Green and briefly explains how to choose the best inspirational stories to write based on the content of this book. If you're not sure which are the best motivational stories, check out our list. This post contains 5 best inspirational stories and their titles. So without wasting any time let's start the journey.

John Green's 5 Inspirational Shorts

1) What if the team winning only one match on the first day ends in a draw? It doesn't matter which team is better. This is my favourite. One thing to keep in mind while writing the story is that you also have to write what happened to other people, so that the story is convincing enough. My father always told me this as a kid. I remember my grandfather watching the World Cup. He always tells us what he saw that day. I once asked him which team he liked the most during the World Cup. He hasn't named anyone in particular so far, so he doesn't care much about who wins and who loses. He said that he just wanted to watch the final and enjoy it.

John Green's second motivational short story

2) I read this story in the 1950s when a little boy named Stephen was playing cricket. When I first heard John Green's story that day, I thought it was a funny and cool movie. But after reading the story I realized that the story has a different meaning. The story revolves around two orphans whose parents got divorced after getting married. At the end of the story, their mother accidentally learns that the children are all orphans. He started looking for them by searching in newspapers and getting information about their current whereabouts. But she knew only her children. Realizing this, she tries to help him find his parents, but they meet when she tells him they are no longer around. Suddenly they just got other kids. They are happy when they see someone looking at them and start crying: "I don't know why they are crying. Eventually they are reunited with their parenting and are able to continue searching for their people." They decide. After all, they know each other. They become rivals, and both try to protect each other and each other from themselves. Unfortunately, no one wanted to hurt them.

John Green's third motivational short story

3) A child dreams of climbing a mountain and going to play in the forest. His family did not earn much money during the summer vacation of 2020. His parents wanted him to study engineering at university after graduation. They also wanted him to complete higher education and get Ph.D. But unfortunately no one knew his dream. All they care about is his academic grades, test scores, and getting into America's best colleges. Now when his friends start thinking of doing something like his father, trouble begins. He did not like his idea as he was studying science related subjects. One day, while playing cricket, I found a rocket ship. All these boys were scared of the bigger rocket ship than them. He fell to the ground, completely collapsed. Then a man appeared who wanted to save the world with this rocket. Suddenly everyone started helping this rocketman by helping him. The rocket ship jumped over a cliff and landed safely on Earth. People started reconciling with each other and soon everyone started doing everything they could to save the planet. Soon everyone was enjoying life and getting better. More rockets into space. Everyone is getting happier and happier. In the end, the entire planet was saved. Nobody knew about this spacecraft. All the kids saw the rocket and thought it was their dream. This story can be considered as the first inspirational story. It is easy to get inspired by reading this story and many others will start following this concept and do similar things.

John Green's fourth motivational short story

4) Your body is a temple and for your mind. The brain is the most important organ of the body, so you should work on it too to improve your abilities and strength. Sometimes you notice things around you blindly. Imagine how much sight they would have lost if they had not been completely blind. Do you want to sit there watching and admiring something? Well, your body is like your temples. Everything you want is in your temple, and everything you need to do is in your temple. You have to give and grow. The temple is the mind and the temple is the body.

John Green's fifth motivational short story

5) We dream of doing things we never thought only we could do. Then others will tell you exactly how to do it. Every time we say it, everyone tells me something like "but it only takes a minute", "but it's too long" or "it's hard to do, it takes time". Every step you take will show how perfect it is, but you're not there yet and you're wondering, "How am I going to do this?"

If you were asked to choose one inspirational story, which one would you choose? I hope this article was helpful and inspired you to write a book. We hope you enjoy our post.

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