5 Houston Maritime Attorney | Best Houston Maritime Lawyers In USA

5 Houston Maritime Attorney | Best Houston Maritime Lawyers In USA
5 Houston Maritime Attorney

HOUSTON MARITIME ATTORNEY | Houston M aritime Lawyers In USA

Hello friends, today we will talk about Houston Maritime Attorney- what is this after all? How does Houston Maritime Attorney work and what services of Houston Maritime Attorney does it provide?

Houston Maritime Attorney in usa These words when you search in Google. Then we find that it is currently one of the most searched high CPC keywords. Houston Maritime Attorney (Houston Maritime Attorney in united states) is mainly composed of two letters.

The first letter is Houston, Houston is a famous and large metropolis in Texas, which extends to Galveston Bay. It is attached to NASA’s Space Center. And the second letter is Maritime Attorney

Thus Houston Maritime Attorney is a well-known association of lawyers, who provide maritime legal advice to the public. the Maritime Attorney is not working in india but in Texas and Louisiana.

Houston maritime serve injured maritime workers nationwide. Maritime law entitles workers to compensation when seafarers suffer work-related injuries and to claim necessary compensation for victims of any medical complications. In this situation, the help of a Houston maritime is sought.

According to Houston Maritime Attorneys, the following acts are the foundation of maritime law for which this organization works:


Houston Jones Act Lawyer | Houston Jones Act Lawyers

Working as a seafarer in the maritime industry is a very dangerous job. Heavy load work, large equipment and difficult conditions. Where do sailors go when seriously injured hundreds of miles offshore? When an injury occurs, specialist and medical assistance are often many miles away, when such injuries require immediate treatment. Houston Maritime Attorneys in united states represent injured seafarers in maritime litigation and have won billions of dollars in compensation to date.


What is DOHSA

The Death on the High Seas Act (DOHSA) is an admiralty law enacted in 1920 for those killed in maritime action or in the event of wrongful death. Entitles seafarer’s family members to recover damages. Sailors and port workers are required to perform dangerous tasks on a daily basis, and rely on their employers to make their lives safe. maritime attorneys Lawyers defend the rights of seafarers and port workers by speaking with their employers as the DOHSA attorneys.

Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act Lawyer in Houston, TX | Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act Lawyers in Houston, TX

The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA) provides compensation to injured employees and workers. Those who work in areas used for loading, unloading, crafting and repairing cargo on seagoing vessels. The LHWCA ensures that employers (or insurance companies that cover the employer) properly compensate an injured employee when a work-related injury requires medical care, vocational rehabilitation or missed days of work. Based on this law, Houston Maritime Attorneys act for injured employees and workers.


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