John Wick 4 Movie Review – Keanu Reeves again champion of video game world

John Wick 4 Movie Review - Keanu Reeves again champion of video game world
John Wick 4 Movie Review – Keanu Reeves again champion of video game world
  •  Movie Review: John Wick 4
  • Cast: Keanu Reeves, Donnie Yen, Bill Skarsgård, Laurence Fishburne, Hiroyuki Sanada, Shamier Anderson, Rina Sawayama, Scott Adkins, Ian McShane and the late Lance Reddick
  • Writers: Shay Hatton and Michael Finch (based on characters created by Derek Kolstad)
  • Director: Chad Stahelski
  • Producers: Basil Iwaniuk, Erica Lee and Chad Stahelski
  • Release Date: 24 March 2023
  • Rating: 3.5/5

John Wick 4 Movie Review – Keanu Reeves again champion of video game world

Whether the ticket window of the film will open or not, now a lot depends on the curiosity of the audience before the release of the film and how is the advance booking of John Wick 4 Movie Review in this regard? The 4 episode of the action film series ‘John Wick 4’ can in this sense show the future direction of Indian cinema. The business of action films is constantly increasing all over the world.

The success of the recently shahrukh khan movie released ‘Pathan’ in Hindi also proves that the audience living in the depression of the Corona period now wants to see big bangs happening on the big screen, even if the hero of these stories is their favorite face and is there. Freshness in action scenes.. The movie ‘John Wick 4’ fulfills this criteria of its target audience. The film, which is full of video game-like violence, has been a favorite of the youth ahead of its release this month, and it’s no surprise that ‘John Wick 4’ has been released so far in India. Previous episodes have been put together. Cross the bar in the first 1 week.


Youth favorite cinema – John Wick 4 Movie Review

A day before the release of big budget films, their preview shows at expensive ticket rates are also the best barometer to measure the popularity of the film. A houseful IMAX show at 10.40pm on Thursday gave the first glimpse of the audience’s curiosity about the series. After the show ended at around 2 am, none of the viewers who came out of the theaters could see any regrets about the film. This is a miracle of branding in any category of cinema. In 2014, Keanu Reeves donned the costume of this hired killer for the first time in the first film of the series, ‘John Wick’.

Then the story was simply that some criminals kill the puppy given to his late wife and take away his favorite car of this killer who is away from the world of crime. He returns to his old world and causes an uproar. The second and third episodes of the series put him in front of the High Table, the world’s highest organization of crime. In the fourth episode, the story of the series has reached France via Japan via America. This time too there is a dog in the film, but its companion is someone else.


John Wick 4 Movie Review – Bloody game for freedom

The filmMovie Review starts from where in the previous film, John Wick cuts off his finger and offers it to prove his loyalty to the slaver. In the fourth film of the John Wick series, Yalgar announces Yalgar by killing this gangster, a senior at Hightable. Also, a high-profile representative breaks into a New York hotel whose manager missed killing John Wick in the previous film. The manager’s partner is killed in the process (Lance Reddick, who played the character, has recently passed away).

The Hightables approach the friend where John Wick takes refuge. His companion is also killed but his daughter survives. The case escalates into a one-on-one battle, and in order to join, John Wick must also regain membership in his secret crime family. In this battle, two known criminals, this time out to kill John Wick, later appear as his accomplices. Although the film ends where the question of John Wick’s appearance in the next chapter of the series is raised, the ending of the story reveals that the story is yet to come.


John Wick 4 Movie Review – Fascinating fantasy world of crime

The world that director Chad Stahelski created for John Wick for the first through fourth films is a favorite among gore lovers in video games. This world is only a world of crimes. There is no work for common people and law enforcers. This world has more than one sad and cruel face. His modus operandi is not for the faint of heart. This film is for adults only and those who are not afraid of the excesses of non-stop violence on screen.

Like the previous three films, Chad has created the scenes of violence in the film Movie Review very cleverly and skillfully. Especially the scene of John Wick trying to escape inside the house surrounded by attackers before the climax is very interesting. Meanwhile, the camera pans to the sky and shows this shooting from room to room, around two walls and in corners and corridors in a very interesting way.


John Wick 4 Movie Review – Nice combination of director and actor

In a way, the film ‘John Wick 4 Movie Review’ is a director’s belief in his story, an actor trying his best to live up to the director’s vision and all the supporting actors acting in front of the camera according to the given characters. A confluence of putting your whole life into it. Keanu Reeves looks like he was made to play John Wick. His size seems perfect for a hired killer. His luxurious suits made of modern fabric (bulletproof) enhance his personality.

Chad makes their hero a hero with two and a half kilo weapons, but they also beat him repeatedly. As much as John Wick gets bloodied by being caught in the middle of the attackers, his subsequent elimination of his enemies in even more gruesome ways feels justified on screen again. There is going to be a sequel to the series, that seems certain after watching this movie, but if John Wick’s character returns in it, it will be interesting to see how.


John Wick 4 Movie Review – Bill, Donnie and Anderson also shine

Apart from Keanu Reeves, the film ‘John Wick 4 Movie Review’ also gets a lot of help from the persona of Bill Skarsgård, who plays the villain for the first time in the series. As the Marquis Vincent de Gourmont, a member of the hightable who has reached the limits of luxury, the audience feels a strange tremor every time Bill appears on screen. Donnie Yen does a terrific job as the blind killer Kane.

Not only the scene where he hunts down the assailants using sound equipment to identify them, the rest of his action sequences are also amazing. Shamier Anderson also impressed as Mr. Nobody. Bowery King-turned-Laurence Fishburne doesn’t appear in the film for long, but every time he’s on screen, he breathes new life into John Wick. In the role of Winston, Ian McShane once again manages to impress the audience with his aura.


John Wick 4 Movie Review – Interesting adult action movie

Director Chad Stahelski, along with writers Shay Heaton and Michael Finch, has expanded the world of the series outside of the United States in John Wick 4. This attempt is also seen to expand this fictional world of crime. Due to this, there are many new characters and new places in the film this time. The film’s action scenes, shot amidst speeding cars in a busy area of Paris, are examples of Chad’s imagination at its best. Although this film has the longest duration (about two hours and 50 minutes) compared to other films in this series, but still the film never gets boring.

The action team of the film has done a commendable job in filming the fast paced action scenes and frequent bloodshed in a new way every time. Especially the action sequences shot in Chalate Discotheque are breath taking. The background music of the film gives a perfect conclusion with the flair of John Wick and the cinematography and editing of the film is also impressive.

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