Best Life thought and journey for everyone

Life thought and journey for everyone
Life thought and journey for everyone

Life thought and journey for everyone – Thought and journey

Everyone says that sometimes there is nothing in their mind.we don’t know  What we are do ?. That time is very Tough. Most difficult when we are in 10th class. Whether we want to become a doctor or whether we want to do engineering, it is very difficult to choose. And many other thoughts keep coming in the mind. if I choose field ofter 10th grade ofter thats which school is best or not ?.

This is most important . and which coaching institute choose . I think man is born for difficulties.then somehow we are passed 12th grade ofter thats . What we are choose engineering or B.Sc . India is an agricultural country, so we have to do agricultural work along with studies.We have the right to marry like a festival.

Life thought and journey for everyone – Indian marriage system uttar pradesh east?

Love marriage and arranged marriage are allowed in the city but still love marriage is not allowed in the village.There is an old tradition in our village that people of one caste cannot marry people of other caste but must marry within their own caste. This is tradition looks good too. because it has the consent of the family. In this, first the family members go to see the groom.

Then store information about that boy then draw conclusions.In that there is the consent of the bride, if the bride refuses, then the marriage is cancelled. Our culture is a bit different but good.One more thing we all have to compromise sometime in our life that is right we should compromise.If we don’t want to compromise then life becomes difficult then we should compromise .

Life thought and journey for everyone – What is way of life ?

Everything is fine but our mother and father give good education to all of us. Mom and Dad tell us how to live life.His words should also be obeyed. And the path taught by them should be followed.Even if we do not like their words, they seem useless at that time, but later we come to know whether we did right or wrong, then we remember their and dad give us good lessons.One more thing, no matter how big and wise may be we are 50 year old .Then we’ll just be children’s children to them.

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