How Brooks Running CEO Jim Weber How CEOs of the world's leading running companies revived failing companies

Brooks Running Shoes Jim Weber loves a challenge. When he became CEO of Brooks Running Shoes  Learning in 2001, the company was $40 USD Dollar million in debt.

Brooks Running Shoes Today, the company generates over $1 billion in revenue. I was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in 2017.

Brooks Running Shoes He faced the premonition and made a plan. Jim tells Alex how he overcame the biggest obstacles in his career and health.

Brooks Running Shoes Jim has been CEO of Brooks Running Company for 21 years and was responsible for bringing the company out of bankruptcy when he joined in 2001.

Brooks | How Brooks Running Shoes CEO Jim Weber How not focusing on the negative helped her succeed.

Brooks I would say that I am the fourth of six siblings in a large family, all under the age of 8, Mia.

Brooks So we got rid of everything that wasn't performance, which was 50% of our product line and about 45% of our revenue.

Brooks Including our largest customers were in family sporting goods. It was the Big Five and they were good retailers. We're just positioned as a $30 shoe..

Brooks It was loosely based on Brooks. So the first brand was 90 years old at that time. He is now almost 107 years old.