Drinking tea increases or decreases weight, know here


Most people like to start their morning with a sip of tea. But one question that arises in the mind is whether drinking tea increases or decreases weight. So let's know about it.

Does weight increase or decrease?

According to health experts, whether tea will increase or decrease your weight depends on how many calories are in the tea.

calories in tea

Generally a cup of tea contains 33-66 calories, depending on the amount of milk and sugar in the tea.

how many cups to drink

According to health experts, drinking two cups of tea made with low sugar and low fat milk daily does not increase body weight.

That's why weight increases

Consuming tea made with high sugar and full cream milk in large quantities leads to weight gain. Consuming unhealthy foods like biscuits, snacks etc. along with tea also increases weight.

stop this habit

If you have a habit of drinking tea immediately after eating or just before eating, then stop it immediately.

hinders the absorption of nutrients

This is because the nutrients found in food are not absorbed properly by consuming tea and it causes harm to the body.

Do not drink tea before sleeping

One should avoid consuming tea even before sleeping, as it can cause insomnia.

expert opinion

Experts believe that consuming tea in limited quantities neither increases nor decreases weight. Yes, it definitely has other advantages and disadvantages.


This news is based on general information. For any kind of special information, take proper advice from the expert.

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