Keep 9 things in mind before doing keyword research

Before doing keyword research, make sure that for what type of people you are creating content, that is, for whatever area you are searching keywords, you should focus on that topic.

Keep in mind on which keywords your competitors are ranking in Google and you can also use your keywords in the same way.

Good keyword research tools should be used to do keyword research which can help you to rank in Google.

After doing keyword research, one should be very careful about how often and where to use all those keywords.

While doing keyword research, keep in mind how often that keyword is searched and how much competition there is in it, keywords with less competition always help us to rank.

Always write focus keyword in your title, meta description, it gives us benefit in SERP.

While using keywords in the content, it should be natural, keywords should not be written where they are not necessary, it is important to keep this in mind.

After some time, you can track the keywords in Google Search Console in which you can analyze that keyword.

Keep updating new keywords in the content, some new keywords can improve your ranking.