Shocking Way To Make Your Password Stronger

Need a stronger password? Experts say to use emojis.

On a computer, it turns out that emoticons are considered a symbol, which can make your passwords beautiful and make them more secure in combination with letters and numbers.

When intruders try to brute-force a password that contains letters, numbers, and punctuation marks, there are less than a hundred variations for each symbol that they need to choose from.

But Unicode has more than 3,600 standardized emojis, so adding one to your password forces hackers to wade through about 3,700 variants per symbol.

Even better, emojis can be easier to remember than a "jumble" of letters, numbers, and punctuation, and aren't used in "brute-force" attacks.

which occur when hackers try to log into an account using a long is List of possible passwords.

However, Kaminski cautioned that not every site will allow emojis in passwords, and including too many emojis in a passkey could slow down the login process.

He recommended not using emojis that could "give you away" — such as the frequently used emoticons — and encouraged adding an emoji or two to traditional alphanumeric passwords.

Of course, using emojis isn't a substitute for traditional security tips: using long passwords, password managers, and two-factor authentication (2FA).

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