What is a simple short story ?

What Is A Simple Short Story
What Is A Simple Short Story

What is a simple short story ?

There are two types of simple short stories: traditional and modern. You can tell the story any way you want. They differ in length, shape and subject matter. Here are some basic factors to help you differentiate between the two types as per your requirements

1. Length:- Short stories should be less than 200 words. Content longer than 200 words is not suitable for categories such as history, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, etc. So we need a very small one. This is called a short story. Examples of short stories include Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, Anne Rice’s The Cat Diary, and John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars.

2. Format:- A simple story is one that has a clear title and conclusion. The first line/sentence should start at the beginning. Make sure there is more information at the end of each line than in the closing statement.

3. Theme:- The theme of the story is mentioned in the title or opening line.


What is a simple short story

4. Message:- The message given by the story to the reader should also be very important for the reader. We need a message that affects the mood and attitude of the character.

5. Structure:- Tell your story point by point. It tells how the story has developed so far. If you want, you can also say full flashback.

6. Narrator:- This shows who directed your story and to whom the story is credited.


What is a simple short story

7. Plot:- Plot and Synopsis: Your story tells you where the story happens.

8. Sequence:- How is the story related to the sequence of events from one event to another?

9. Dialogue:- This is the most important part of your story.


What is a simple short story

10. Summary:- This is the summary of your whole story.

11. Drishti :- Which character will act as the narrator?

12. Struggle: What is called struggle?

13. Background:- What is the background of your story?

14. Voice:- Shows the character’s opinion about what is happening in the story.

15. Action:- What was the reaction of the characters on your story?


What is a simple short story

16. End:- How one part of the story ends before the other.

17. Symbol: – This is a symbol of something that happens or is important to your story.

18. Meaning:- See if there is any meaning behind each symbol used in the story.

19. Main Idea:- The main idea of ​​the story is the driving force of the story.

20. Picture:- Reason for choosing picture.


What is a simple short story

21. Pace of Progress: How does your story relate to other elements of the story?

22. Characterization:- Who is your character in the story and why is he there?

23. Style: Keep your style simple and clean.

24. Mood: Think about the mood in which you have created the story.

25. Tone:- Sets the tone of the story.


What is a simple short story

26. Mood:- Create a mood for your story.

27. Conclusion:- This is the end of the story.

28. Meaning:- Make sure that all the above is done.

What is a simple short story

29. Last word:- Write whatever you want. There are three types of writing: fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Although these three forms differ globally, they have the same basic characteristics. Same goes for short stories. They are a wonderful gift from God to mankind. Let us now look at examples of these short stories.

Such simple short stories are called short stories.

1) Another Writer’s Day – There was a time 1700 years ago when Babylon had fallen and Emperor Akbar decided to rule himself for a day and build a new city under him, thinking that the city would never rise again and Started building the city. The prince, he built a big temple on the hill and a great poem is also remembered about it.

After his death, a boy named Farooqui came to the side of this temple, he felt abused and tortured by his stepfather since his childhood. Later, after his death, Farooqi wrote another poem describing how the gods insulted him that night.


What is a simple short story

2) A New Englander’s Diary – set in the colonial era of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s famous novel The Scarlet Letter.

3) Three Things That Happened to Me – a book by Robert Orlen Butler, published by Penguin in 2013.

4) A Long Way Gone – A fictional biography written by George Orwell.

5) A Good War is a novel by Thomas King that describes the events that took place during World War II.

6) An autobiography of my British grandmother Annette Beach. His grandmother died of tuberculosis, but he didn’t want to die alone. He died in an asylum on April 16, 1941.


What is a simple short story

7) When Death Comes – Stephen King wrote about his experiences living with his grieving family after the death of his wife. He also described what happened after her death.

8) Midnight Sun, Windless Sea and Lonely Place – 25 Poems by Henry David Thoreau.

9) The Old Man and the Sea – Franz Kafka (Author and author known for Gothic novels)

10) The Great Gatsby – Second novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, published in 1957.

11) “Red Sorghum” is a short story by Waller Soyinka.

12) The Road Not Taken – Written by RK Narayan based on Hindu mythology.


What is a simple short story

13) Horse Dealer’s Daughter (or Bokeh – a type of pottery) – a novel by Sushti Singh.

15) Be Mine: My Experience with Ex-Sir and Mrs – is a memoir by Kishwar Nath Sarin.

16) The Cask of Amontillado – Story by Edgar Allan Poe.

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