What is Best Workmen Compensation Insurance policy in English

Workmens Compensation Insurance
Workmens Compensation Insurance

Workmen Compensation Insurance policy in English

Where does the company give money to workers in case of an accident? Workmen Compensation Insurance | Workmen Compensation Insurance Kya Hota Hai | Employees’ Compensation Act, 1923 Compensation to the employee on accident. Employees’ Compensation Act, 1923 In English | Workmen Compensation Insurance In India | Workmen Compensation Insurance Pdf.

Hello friends, today in this post we will know what is Workmen Compensation Insurance and how to apply for Workmen Compensation Insurance. You all know that in today’s time all people must be doing some job or the other, even you and I have to do some or the other job to pass our life. Due to which, if you are working in a big company and something happens to you at such a time, i.e. during the death or accident of Workmen, it provides Compensation to its Employee.

What is Workmen Compensation Insurance policy

In such a situation, if you are also the only earner at home and you are working in a big company, then it is very important for you to know this. So that if something happens to you, then in order to survive your family, your family can get financial support in the form of compensation.

If you also want to know about all Workmen Compensation Insurance for the company these things but you do not know what is Employee State Insurance Policy? And what are the advantages and disadvantages associated with Workmen Compensation Insurance? So you must stay with us in this post from beginning to end. So that we can easily explain to you how to apply for Workmen Compensation Insurance.


What is Workmen’s Compensation Insurance? Workmen Compensation Insurance

This Workmen Compensation Insurance Policy is a Commercial Insurance Policy. Which in case of death or accident of a Workman means Compensation is provided to its Employee during the accident. Workmen’s Compensation Insurance Policy was started in 1923. Due to which it was implemented from July 1, 1928 and after that this Workmen Compensation Insurance Policy Act gradually spread all over India. Which today we call by the name of WCI i.e. Workmen Compensation Insurance.


What is the full form of ESIC? esic full form in English

Full form of ESI is Employees State Insurance Act. Which comes in the interest of the Employee under Workmen Compensation Insurance, in English ESIC is called Employee Compensation Insurance.


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How to apply – Workmen Compensation Insurance Apply Online

If you want to take Workmen Compensation Insurance but you do not know how to apply Workmen Compensation Insurance. So you can follow the following points mentioned by us. Where we have explained to you how to take Step By Step Workmen Compensation Insurance.


  1. • First of all you have to come to the official website of Policy Bazaar, where you will see many insurances.
  2. • Now you have to click on View All Products appearing on the side, • On clicking View All Products, a New Popup Screen will open in front of you, where you have to click on the Business Insurance Tab.
  3. As soon as you click on the option of Business Insurance, many Business Insurance will appear in front of you, along with this you will also see Workmen Compensation Insurance here.
  4. • Now you have to click on that Workmen Compensation, on Workmen Compensation • As soon as you click, a new page will open in front of you, where you have to enter the name of your company, Mobile Number and Email Id and click on the Next Button given below. Have to do
  5. • On clicking on Next Button, a New Page will open in front of you, where you will have to enter your
  6. City Name and after that you have to enter Organization Name and click on Submit Button.
  7. • Clicking on submit, a new page will open in front of you, where you will see many insurance companies, you have to choose the insurance company according to your industry.
  8. • As soon as you choose Insurance Company, a New Page will open in front of you, where you will be asked some details about your Worker, like whether you have Worker Skilled, Semi-Skilled or Unskilled.
  9. • Now you have to choose one of these options and after that you have to tell about the number of workers in your company and along with that you also have to tell about their Monthly Income. And below that click on Save & Continue Button.
  10. • After that, select the number of months you want to take the policy according to the Policy Period and then click on the Continue Button given below it.
  11. • Clicking on Continue Button will open a new page in front of you, where you will see only those companies which will provide you Workmen Compensation Insurance. On which you can buy your Workmen Compensation Insurance Policy by clicking.
  12. • The further process will work in the same way as it works while taking Health Insurance, if apart from this you have any problem while taking Workmen Compensation Insurance Policy, then you can consult any Experts by clicking on Call Us option in the Top Bar of the website. Who provide you free help.

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Benefits of Workmen Compensation Insurance for the company – WC Insurance Benefits For Workmen Compensation Insurance.

If you are the owner of a company and you are thinking of taking Workmen Compensation Insurance for your Employee, then first of all it is very important to know that if you are going to take Employee Insurance for your employees, then what should you do? There can be benefits. If you do not know, then you can follow the following points where we have explained you in simple words in points.

  1. • Under this insurance, the company can claim 100% as Compensation Business Expenses.
  2. • Taxable Income of the all the company also reduces.
  3. • In this way the loyalty of the employee towards the company increases.
  4. • In such a situation, a huge fund is collected with the company so that even the employee can trust the company completely.


Benefits for employees of Workmen Compensation Insurance – WC Insurance Benefits For Workers

  1. If you are an employee, workmen and the company has got insurance for all the company employees. So in such a situation, you do not know what all the Employees can benefit from this insurance, then you can read the following points so that you will easily understand what are the benefits you will get from this insurance.
  2. If something happens to you while working in the company or you die for some reason, then compensation is provided to your family so that your family can live easily without any financial problem.
  3. • Under this insurance, all the employees can secure themselves and their family’s future.
  4. • After the maturity of the Workmens Compensation Insurance policy, you are provided  you with a large fund or pension.


How is ESIC calculation done? How To Calculate ESIC Contribution

  1. If you do not know how ESIC calculation is done and you want to know how ESIC calculation is done, then you can read the following steps carefully, which appears on our ESIC Gross Salary.
  2. • Suppose your salary is Rs.10,000, then the contribution of the Employee is 0.75% and on the other hand the contribution of the Employer is 3.25%. Let us now calculate it
  3. • Company owner 10,000*3.25% = 325
  4. • Worker 10,000*0.75 75
  5. • As we have seen that the Employer’s contribution is Rs.325 and on the other hand the Employee’s contribution is only Rs.75. In this way, you can easily know your how much contribution is being made to your job or salary.

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Required Documents For Workmen’s Compensation Insurance

If you want to do Workmen Compensation Insurance Clam, then you will need the following documents, without which you cannot do Compensation Insurance Clam.


  1. • Filled with correct information in the Claim Form
  2. • Statement made from injury
  3. • Have medical bills.
  4. • Death Certificate on the death of the employee
  5. • Post Mortem Report on death of employee
  6. • If you have done any Compensation Clam earlier then there should be Compensation Records.
  7. • Medical Certificate in case of permanent disability
  8. • Memorandum Agreement as per Workmens Compensation Insurance Act in 1923

Download Workmen Compensation Insurance Act, 1923 PDF



What is Workmen Compensation Insurance?

Workmen/employees compensation insurance provides for the payment of compensation to the employer on behalf of its employees if death or disability occurs due to accidental injury at the workplace and in the course of and as a result of Workmen Compensation Insurance employment.


Who can take Workmen Compensation Insurance?

Any firm or employer, a contractor who w. employs workers as defined in c. Act 1923 Workmen can buy compensation insurance policy. This Workmens Compensation insurance cover provides legal liability coverage and also helps and support in reducing the financial burden on the Workmen Compensation Insurance employees and employers.


Why is WC Act needed?

The objective of the policy is to protect the workers and their dependents if they face any accident or injury while working in the organization. It helps the workers as it bears the cost of treatment in case an employee dies or causes permanent disablement due to any course of employment.


What are examples of workers compensation?

compensation Insurance policy helps people who have been injured on the work and job. Benefits include death benefit, wages, rehabilitation services and medical expenses. compensation claim status They differ according to the seasons. But some case of workers accidents are more common than others.


Why is worker’s compensation insurance important?

It can provide protection to workers if they suffer a work-related injury or illness. Injured workers may be entitled to compensationnInsurance policy for lost wages, medical treatment or return to work.


What is Workmens Compensation Insurance policy in HR?

Workmens Compensation Insurance (WC) w. Under the E.C. Act, it is the legal obligation of the employer to pay compensation to the employees who are E.S. Not covered under the Act


What is the difference between workmens compensation Insurance policy and ESIC?

WC only takes care of workmens compensation and income loss due to disability and workplace injury, but ESI will take care of health and hospitalization for unrelated diseases as well.



I hope, you all must have understood very well what is Workmen Compensation Insurance and how to apply for Workmen Compensation Insurance. If you have any question and quires, then you can definitely tell us in the comments. Thank you

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