Homelatest movies reviewMadgaon Express Movie Review in English

Madgaon Express Movie Review in English

Madgaon Express Movie Review in English, When Mirzapur season 3 was announced, people were as happy as they were saddened
Madgaon Express Movie Review

Madgaon Express Movie Review

When Mirzapur season 3 was announce, people were as happy as they were saddene because they didn’t get what their eyes were looking for the most. What fun would there be in Mirzapur without Munna Bhaiyya. A movie call Madgaon Express has been release which very few people know about, but whoever watches this movie will truly become a fan for life.

Let’s wait for the sequels like Hera Pheri 3 and Bhola Bhulaiyya 3. Trust me friend, this movie will go far beyond all these in comedy. The story is a dream, the dream of Goa, which three friends kept in their hearts. From school to college. And when this dream ends after 17 years, the fourth character also goes to Goa with these three friends.

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Madgaon Express Movie Review

A beautiful red art garden. Are you wondering what’s inside the garden? Inside the red garden there is a red Gandhiji and a black colored gun, not a toy, fully loaded with bullets and a small beautiful key and this key is on. The door to the room. She opens the lock to see what might be inside. Use gas, have opportunity, have custom, have goa, have money, have guns, lack nothing. Earlier we couldn’t come to Goa and now we can’t leave Goa because our heroes have now become the biggest villains in the eyes of the Goa Police.

Blow it up as soon as you see it. Are you looking forward to it in the story? There is a way to escape, for that you have to change your gender by wearing a saree. Bro, if this guy doesn’t get work then Bollywood after shows like Kaubhand 1992, then you understand, world. Sincerely or even after acting, nothing happens, forcing crores of people of Mirzapur to associate Bhaiya with their name with respect, how Munna Bhaiya disappeared and this third face 99 % people don’t even recognize Divas.

Madgaon Express Movie Review in English

You want romance, go from Bollywood and watch Laila Majnu, I can’t forget this face in life, Ehsas cinema, no one can forget this face of a beast, even Ranbir will get scared, such a screen presentation, but why did it take so long to bring this face to the public? is Think, it’s so underrated. When talent is used together in a film, then that film will not be a volcano, then tell me, what else will happen, after Madgaon Dhamaal, Golmaal, Hera Pheri, we have been doing express and cinema for years to tell our new generation. Looking for it and do you know the surprise that on the one hand big name directors are leaning in hell. Ruining his franchise.

This time an actor has taught other directors how to make a comedy film. Kunal was that Sahib, the reason for prefixing ‘Sir’ to his name. What a tremendous piece of madcap cinema this film has made, without that too. Funny and vulgar jokes. It is not a sin to talk about comedy with the help of Margo Express. Based on the funny writing alone, Margo Express has the power to make you laugh for the entire 2 hours.

The story of the film is very powerful, many tweets are placed which makes the climax of the film completely unexpected. It is a very fresh and different experience. There is a Hollywood movie call The Hangover, it is call The God. Comedy cinema. If any film from India were to pay homage to The Hangover, Margo Express would be the first to be name.

Madgaon Express in English

Top level comedy cinema is full bro, the science of situational comedy is made in such a way for 2 whole hours where nothing needs to be said, you start laughing mentally, I remember from this movie. Brain, Brain is home if you want to enjoy 100%, but skip it and go with a friend just to clap and yes, you can watch it with family too, that’s the biggest achievement of this movie, it’s pure. Comedy, nothing wrong, not a single dialogue. The film will get four out of five stars from me. First of all think about Kunal sir’s direction, what kind of scene and how it was presente. Secondly, considering gathering so many underrated actors and using their strengths properly, Nora Fatehi’s performance has gone to a very high level.

Thirdly, the writing of the film is really funny, the dialogues have no double meaning at all, the comedy is clean and terrific. Fourth, the climax of the film is also terrific, not only the fans, but also the thrill, suspense and strong negatives. A small complaint, the movie should have bee a bit longer, more details of Goa should have bee shown, what comes to mind after hearing Goa, what comes to mind after hearing Goa has been underutilize, bro plz IPL will last longer, take some time to theater with family Go ahead, I bet you’ll never laugh before. If you like something in the rest of the post or have a complaint, you can talk to us by commenting. Otherwise wait a bit, I’ll see you in the next video, ok bye bye.

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