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Winter Solstice: Rituals for the shortest day of the year 2023

Winter Solstice: Rituals for the shortest day of the year 2023, As the wheel of the year continues to move forward, the last stop it makes
Winter Solstice 2023

As the wheel of the year continues to move forward, the last stop it makes is the winter solstice of 2023 (or Yule as some call it). Holiday celebration and seasonal change on December 21 at 10:17 p.m. ET allows us to enter a new portal, marking the beginning of winter. The winter solstice is the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and coincides with the Sun’s entry into Capricorn.

As the year ends with the solstice, it is customary to pause our daily routines and take some time to appreciate what we have, connect with our friends and family, and remember and reflect on the good times. As Mercury turns retrograde during the solstice, we may feel overly emotional, prompting us to reach out to old acquaintances. Don’t hesitate to take the first step by sending the first text or DM to someone you care about. This will give you a sense of connection, even if you are not in touch.

During the solstice the veil between the spiritual and physical worlds is thinner than ever, allowing us to feel as if we are passing time. This is a great opportunity to honor our ancestors and pay tribute to those in our family who have had a lasting impact on our lives who are no longer with us. Reminiscing and looking at old photos can be a great way to feel their presence and keep them always present. Lighting a Yule log or burning frankincense can also help protect ourselves from negative entities and ensure that we invite only positive ones.

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During the winter solstice, it is common to decorate evergreen trees, branches or wreaths and add seasonal glam to our homes. This tradition serves as a reminder to embrace the light and honor the guiding force of nature during the darkest day of the year. Evergreen symbolizes death and rebirth (as do seasonal changes), reminding us of the circle of life. So, we should consider keeping this tradition alive and bringing joy to our homes. Of course, we don’t need to use a real tree or wreath. The intention remains the same, no matter what.

Melissa Madra, author of The Witch Workshop and the site Moon Cult, says her “favorite winter solstice ritual is to pour or dip my own candles and infuse them with herbs associated with the sun, such as marigold, frankincense, and St. John’s wort. Another idea. It could be using a mild-warming oil with fresh evergreens like cedar, pine or juniper (a Christmas tree is a great place to harvest these!), and infusing these oils into a winter solstice bath that opens up the lungs, air. purifies and purifies the soul.” This will bring fresh energy to the season and detox the residual effects of autumn. The winter solstice is a period of profound shadows, ghosts, and dreams for magicians,” Madara goes on. It’s critical to figure out how to channel light throughout the darkest months of the year.

Meditation with crystals can be incredibly beneficial as they allow us to remove any blockages within ourselves and open up to new possibilities. Labradorite is believed to help us harness the mystical energy of the winter solstice. Citrine enhances optimism and holiday spirit. Red jasper can help us ground our emotions and energies. For best results, it is recommended to hold the crystal that resonates with your personal vibe in our hands or hold it in front of you while meditating on what you want to bring into your life this winter.

Reflecting on our growth over the past year can inspire us to go above and beyond in the coming year. We can learn from our experiences and develop new perspectives on both ourselves and other people by engaging in this introspection. By doing so, we can become a better version of ourselves and channelize our energy to effectively achieve our goals. It can be a miraculous period for our healing if we allow ourselves to let go of trauma or pain. It takes time to mend our hearts and emotions but it is important to make the effort to take the first step. Journaling and talking with close friends and family can be effective ways to process our thoughts and feelings. However, it can also be a useful strategy if you would rather think things out alone,

Another wonderful ritual for connecting with nature is honoring the sun during the winter solstice. This celebration of the Sun’s energy and vitality can be recognized by doing Surya Namaskar at sunrise, welcoming positive vibrations into our lives. At sunset, take a moment to enjoy the beauty of the world around us, savor a cup of tea or hot cocoa in harmony with the colors in the sky. Through this simple ritual, we can appreciate the role of the sun in everything we see, touch, feel, believe and know. This reminds us not to take it for granted.

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