Homelatest movies reviewFateh Teaser Review | Review of Fateh Teaser in English

Fateh Teaser Review | Review of Fateh Teaser in English

Fateh Teaser Review | Review of Fateh Teaser in English, A small teaser of the movie Fateh
Fateh Teaser Review

Fateh Teaser Review in English

Bhai bollywood + action movies, it seems we have been seeing all this for the last two-three years thanks to spy universe and because of that now even big stars like Akshay Kumar, Tiger Shroff, Bade Mian Chhote Mian are coming. Looks a bit repetitive. The picture is risqué, but now a new superhero has entered action films and the reaction is the opposite, people today want to go to the theaters and watch the film.

A small teaser of the movie Fateh is out but it doesn’t matter what the name of the movie is, who is the hero, Sonu Sood, this guy is a villain in movies and not a hero in real life, he is a super hero, Sahib Ji Comeback . This time we are doing whatever to save bollywood, oh my god, the teaser of the movie is out of this world, bro, it is not showing from any angle, it is a bollywood movie. As advertised, style cinema with international action vibes, without the love story. Introducing subversion and not revealing the most special story is truly Bollywood.

‘Fateh’ Teaser Review

A film like Bhai, Yoddha is made with an investment of Rs 55-60 crores, the response in theaters is still lukewarm, but after hearing Sonu Sood’s voice, the film’s budget is gone and they are running towards the film to get oil and in return they are thinking like a teaser.

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Other directors don’t see an action hero in Sonu Sood, no problem, director Bamk himself told others how to make an action movie, Hollywood style cinema whose face is supposed to be John Wick Bhaiya, just one simple rule has to be broken. person in front. Fateh also doesn’t leave this kind of desi John Wick cinema, I never thought of Sonu Sood in an action avatar but now I don’t feel like sleeping and forgetting, the best part is that the teaser is made in one. Which is actually call the teaser of the film. Telling everything without saying anything about it, forcing you to wait for the trailer.

Fateh Teaser Review

As far as I know, the film is going to be a terrific survival thriller, a tough race between life and death, a referee standing with his hands tied, a heroine whose life is being chase by goons from many countries. A dark serious angle with gangsters plus the underworld, but in this heroine vs. villain, our desi action hero stands as a wall, a devil at heart and a wrestler at heart. The mission is simple, save and kill the girl. Another person, but what does the girl have that makes it necessary to save her? It will bee known after the film.

Sonu Sood makes a comeback

I remember from the girl that whenever you read Jacqueline Fernandez’s name along with any film, dancing and singing automatically comes to your mind, but in Fateh’s teaser I find her use of eyes alone more powerful than acting. Perhaps the day is near when the actress will not be a showpiece in Bollywood films but will dance the entire story of the film on her gestures, this is the only thing that pulls me so strongly towards the film. A complete action thriller in Bollywood without useless love story and dance songs. Is it that we all are in a rush to give the full credit of the film to actor Sonu Sood when the real X factor of the film Sonu Sood is going to be the director.

No idea when the movie will release now, just confirme that it will release in 2024 and the other thing that is confirme is that I will watch it on a date, first day first show, Sonu Sood, Action Hero, Public Pathan Jawan Tiger What He says, his real life will rival all these. Superheroes, teasers pass or fail. If you liked something in the rest of the post or have any complaints, you can tell us in the comments. Otherwise wait a bit, I’ll see you in the next post, take care bye-bye.

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