Homelatest movies reviewChote Miyan Bade Miyan Trailer 26 March

Chote Miyan Bade Miyan Trailer 26 March

Chote Miyan Bade Miyan
Chote Miyan Bade Miyan

Chote Miyan Bade Miyan Trailer 26 March

Bhai, times have change, films have change and public taste has also change, only those pictures are release which create hype, otherwise the content is also available on OTT, when chote miyan bade miyan was announce 2 years ago. Akshay Kumar, Tiger Shroff, people only saw actors. How can one forget the groom who has gone mad, was also an action film with two big stars that scored a half-century in India on its first day only in Hindi.

The resulting picture is dangerous. On top of that, with the songs of the film Subhan Allah Mashallah coming one after the other, even the 10% hype child of the film is scrambling to bring it down to zero, it is a mistake in itself. The fault lies with one person, but the biggest reason that seriously spoils this film is the subject of the film.

chote miyan bade miyan trailer

Action films have come in abundance in Bollywood. The Warrior has arrived. Let’s see what happens with it. If you want to make an action, make it like an animal. If you want a dramatic story, just about the action. No action. In that, it must have had a small part, the same expectations people expected from chote miyan bade miyan as the original film was a classic comedy suspense thriller combo.

But ever since these songs start coming in Akshay Kumar’s film, people have given up hope for comedy, story and drama, all that is left is action. The makers of the amazing movie don’t want to reveal much about it, even just a sample teaser. It was shown less but whatever good or bad we are talking about this movie, everything can be stop in 3 minutes.

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If the trailer of the film turns out to be amazing, then yes, the date has be reveal, the trailer of chote miyan bade miyan will be release this month on March 26th with much fanfare and perhaps it goes without saying how important this trailer is. The film is for his entire future. The careers of big actors depend on it, frankly a trailer is not enough, the film has to be so powerful that it blows minds so much that people forget everything else. .

chote miyan bade miyan Trailer – do or die

Bhai Undoubtedly Akshay Kumar in an action avatar, there can be no better combination. How many actors have the guts to do such stunts and Tiger Shroff, an actress can definitely make a much better action hero. Dialogues, hand-to-hand only.

Fans of both the actors have said that Ali Abbas Zafar is the director of chote miyan bade miyan who is under pressure to make this film the biggest film of his career and release it. There is no doubt that it is like Banda Gunde Sultan and Tiger Zinda Hai.

But you won’t miss a cent because devil Ajay Devgan is ready, one small mistake and a goal will be scored right on the field, Tiger Akshay’s finish. So now to the point, what will the trailer be like. chote miyan bade miyan? First I tell you and then you will be ask. I would ask number one, please do anything but don’t reveal hundred percent of the film’s story in the trailer even by mistake. There must be a reason to go. Theater

chote miyan bade miyan Trailer 26 March

Second, make a better total action trailer if there is no dialogue and yes, don’t forget to add the best background music and the third most important thing is to play the song, fall in love, keep it all out of the trailer, this time it’s Tiger Akshay’s chemistry. There should be a plus in the middle. A personal request is that there should be some reference to the old Bade Mian, Chhote Mian, which brings out the old memories and connects it with the new film.

You won’t be able to pass the time in circles, I will ask you directly, is there any scope left for this film?. The film will do wonders for the budget, what’s one thing in the trailer that you should definitely be there for and one thing that shouldn’t be there at all? Answer both immediately in the comment section below, if you like something in the rest of the post or have any complaints please let us know by commenting, otherwise wait a bit, I will see you in the next post, ok bye bye.

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