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Bad Bunny : Debuts New Album at Massive Listening Party in Puerto Rico

Bad Bunny: The Puerto Rican singer sang the opening of Nadi Sabe Lo Que Va A Pasar Mana to 16,000 people at El Choli.

Bad Bunny : Debuts New Album
Bad Bunny : Debuts New Album

Bad Bunny Debuts New Album at Massive Listening Party

Does an album listening party with 16,000 guests sound comfortable? special? Apparently, yes. It happened when Bad Bunny debuted his new LP, Nadi Sabe Lo Kwe Wa Ae Pasar Mana, on Thursday (Oct. 12).

The event’s schedule was a mystery when it was first announced, but it was held at San Juan’s venerable Coliseo de Puerto Rico Jose Miguel Agrelot (also known as El Choli). Will the evil bunny appear? Or will fans listen to the album track by track without it? Nobody knew. However, the tickets were sold out within two hours of going on sale.

Expectations varied among concertgoers, many of whom were giving off a Renaissance vibe in cowboy hats and boots and sparkly fringe tops and skirts. (Of course, Bad Bunny’s new signature, a blue L.A. Dodgers hat, was also spotted throughout the crowd.) Some fans were happy to listen to the album among friends and at high-pitched volume. However, others had higher hopes.

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On the poster, Dariana Cruz, 33, made a joke about how she hopes Bad Bunny arrives on a horse. He needn’t sing, but he should at the very least appear.

Cruise didn’t get her wish to come out on horseback, but Bad Bunny did show up — and in spectacular fashion. In the middle of the arena floor, surrounded by cheering fans, a souped-up vintage Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow — the same car used in the video for “Where She Goes” and her 2023 Billboard Latin Music Awards performance — slowly lowered its roof from below. The fans screamed. Bad Bunny was behind the wheel.

Around the car below were a dozen or so dancers, all dressed in black and faces completely covered by something like a balaclava, but with eyes sealed for an alien-like appearance. Bad Bunny wore the same, checkered scarf on his head.

The album began with tracks playing in chronological order, starting with “Nadi Sabe”. El Conejo subtly nodded, matching the contemplative tone of the song, in which he reflected on his path. He started making music 10 years ago as a young teenager, and today he’s almost 30 years old, with five full-length albums and heaps of EPs and singles. In the song, Bad Bunny reflects on his ever-increasing celebrity and the corresponding loneliness it apparently brings.

That first number was crucial in setting the tone for the night. That’s how Bad Bunny made thousands of people feel close to him, almost 20-feet above him in a luxury car 99% of his fans could never afford. During “Nadi Sabe” and again throughout the night, he seemed to look out into the crowd, to really see individual faces, looking for feedback or approval.

The fans’ positive reactions elicited gratitude from Bad Bunny in the form of prayer hands and heartfelt head bows.

As the night progressed, the energy grew, with trap-heavy tracks (he gave the crowd what they wanted) and pareo-ready jams. One surprising number, however, was the soulful “VOU 787,” which samples the wispy synth instrumentation of Madonna’s “Vogue.”

Bad Bunny was helped by some of the album guests who climbed up the tiered rows to the huge hay-covered VIP area in one corner of the venue’s floor. In attendance were Young Miko, Feed, Bryant Meyers, Archangel and Tenny. In all, about 50 special guests stood and danced on the western-style building.

Bad Bunny took a few songs off the mask, and the proper singer started dancing outside the car. Slowly, the vehicle lowered, and finally, it stepped off the platform and into the crowd. He signed his signature sneakers, the shoes people lined up for hours before the show to buy. One concertgoer didn’t seem to have one ready, and instead Bad Bunny decorated the top of the shoe with a burgundy lip gloss she was given.

Bad Bunny then entered the VIP section. Without haste, he greeted each person in his six verses. Yet somehow, Bad Bunny maintained a certain choreography in his rounds, reaching out to several collaborators as their songs began to play. To the audible delight of the crowd, he sang along with Feed to his feature “Perro Negro” and Archangel’s “Acho PR.”

The previously released “Un Preview” — dropped in late September as an album teaser, as the name suggests — is the penultimate track on A Nadi Sabe Lo Kwe Va A Pasar Manana, and as such, it caps the night. But Bad Bunny wasn’t done surprising fans: instead of just playing the song, he performed it.

Bad Bunny sang from the VIP area, his collaborators and friends rooting on him. But he made his way under a makeshift haystack, close to the fans, who sang and screamed as they danced. Explosions of fog started around Benito as he pounded his fist on his chest and declared, “Puerto Rico, Los Quiro, Puneta.”

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