Homelatest movies reviewVedaa Teaser Review in English | Vedaa Teaser Review

Vedaa Teaser Review in English | Vedaa Teaser Review

Vedaa Teaser Review in English | Vedaa Teaser Review, Vedaa will be a terrific action thriller
Vedaa Teaser Review in English – Vedaa movie Review

Vedaa Teaser Review in English

2023 was the year of comeback in Bollywood and now Bollywood itself might be making a comeback in 2024 as the cinema that made us all childhood is returning with some old faces. The biggest proof is that action star John Abraham is returning to his old style after a long wait with a new film titled Vedaa. I know there is no hype about this film, it is not hyped, there is no money in promotion. I don’t know but the respect has increased after watching the teaser. The classic John Abraham who once had the power to transform a theater into a stadium is still using his real powers despite being 10%.

Vedaa will be a terrific action thriller, where the story from the first scene to the last scene will only start with bloodshed and end with bloodshed. It is good to see that this time there is no misunderstanding of combining action with budget.Vedaa can be a single story film.Without action there will be no headbanging.This time the subject will be a bit serious. . Which can also be inspired by a real life incident.

Vedaa Movie Teaser Review in English

The teaser also features some such brutal scenes, after which it seems that the film is not for children, which means that the content may be meant for mature audiences. John Abraham’s screen presence is amazing every time. Believe it or not, 50% credit to Pathan’s success. This guy should have found a villain to compete with the hero but Jim just had style. Here in Vedaa, the most surprising thing is John Abraham’s dialogue delivery. No one will believe that the same person who worked in projects like Satyamev Jayate is speaking.

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Most of the mistakes have to be rectified, that’s the real challenge, John’s fighter look goes very well with the serious no nonsense character, which is what we need when we think of a good action hero. Not only the hero, the heroine is also looking stunning. Sharvari’s acting is not very good but maybe people will remember her after this film. It is very easy to make a movie by being Barbie, it is the left hand job of Bollywood, but to scare the audience by making Annabelle, it needs real talent, it will be just kind, not love-sub angle. Included in the story, a boy and a girl should sometimes just be friends

Review of Vedaa in English

Before the teaser, many people were talking about the name of this film because it is similar to two or three South films, so maybe this is a remix film, this is a Bollywood habit, but good news, now the film looks. An original project, the brain behind which is Nikhil. Probably many people are sleeping on who Advani is. This is Advani the all-rounder, on one hand he makes terrific action thrillers like Batla House and D-Day and on the other hand, he can make everyone cry with Kal Ho Na Ho. I feel like a mixer of all three films, gangster angle, solid action packed with emotion and some real life transformative metal messages.

Have you noticed hammer Tyagi in the teaser? This time the villain of the story will not fight with his hands and feet but with his mind. This will make the picture interesting. It looks good. Attempts are being made in Bollywood these days. A cinema with a native everyday setting without big sets and expensive budgets. . But Vedaa path is not easy because on the same day as the release date of the film is July 12, Akshay Kumar is coming up with another film titled Sarfira. A remake of this film for sure but its subject matter. A very motivational type, similar to the original film Surya. It had a huge impact on the audience.

Review of Vedaa Teaser in English

Now John and Akshay conflict is not new in Bollywood but according to me no one should cash. Both films can do well on different dates so for me the teaser of Vedaa is a hit. Let the trailer and the whole movie is far away but you tell me. If there is no conflict, who will watch Akshay vs John? tell the truth If you like something in the rest of the post or have any complaints, you can tell us in the comments. . Otherwise wait a bit, I’ll see you in the next post, ok bye bye.

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