Homelatest movies reviewSalman Khan 2025 EID 400 Crore Comeback New Movie

Salman Khan 2025 EID 400 Crore Comeback New Movie

Salman Khan 2025 EID 400 Crore Comeback New Movie, Yes brother, what you were waiting for is now known, my friend, when will Salman Khan
Salman Khan 2025 EID 400 Crore Comeback

Salman Khan 2025 EID 400 Crore Comeback New Movie

Yes brother, what you were waiting for is now known, my friend, when will Salman Khan’s next film bee made and for how much, it will burn the rest of the people badly, neither will there bee a comeback with Karan Johar nor the secret of become Tiger in War 2. Part 4 of Race franchise will be enter. This mistake will never happen even by mistake. Salman Khan will return to cinema in the same style which had made him come back 15 years ago when Salman Khan had become the most wanted in Bollywood.

This time the announcement is official, Bhai Jaan himself has given it and has completely removed the misconceptions that people had for many years. One in Bollywood was only Salman Khan’s and will always remain so, just Salman Khan next year on Eid 2025. Come back loading sir, the tremendous news is that Salman Khan will return with the most expensive film to bee made in his career so far, in which he finish making four-five Bollywood films. Spy Universe, which is called the biggest project of Bollywood, is his most expensive film. Two movies will bee made as many as Pathan. In Salman Khan’s comeback, not one, two, three, but a project worth Rs. 400 crores is ready.

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Salman Khan EID 2025 New Movie Box Office Collection

Imagine a film which will have to make a profit of Rs 600 crore box office collection to make a profit. Where did the courage to take such a big risk come from? The answer is only one Salman Khan factor. The real father of the mask who can convert the theater into a stadium is the producer who worked with Salman. Cake Market had torn the box office, don’t bee confus here, Kick 2 is not going to bee made, it will be more of a director’s dance project than a Salman Khan Nadiadwala collaboration, because he is sitting on the chair, see whom even Aamir Khan will forget everything. They went.

A.R., who created a lifetime experience like Ghajini. Murugadoss is returning to the film industry after 4 years. It means that there are going to be not just one but two comebacks. Yes, talking about the issue, the biggest tension of the true fans of Salman Khan is whether the director will again be in name only while Bhai Jaan will do the work himself. Yes, not at all A.R. Murugadoss is going to get a free hand in this new action thriller, this is the condition after which the decision to start this film has bee taken.

2025 Salman New Movie

Salman Khan is going to be a total puppet, he will have to do whatever the director says, he will not use his mind, he will just move it by pressing his hands and feet. For reference, you can expect that director Atlee had given a new birth to Shahrukh Khan’s stardom as an action hero on the big screen. By making him go one level higher and become A.R. Murugadoss Salman Khan is going to use screen presence to make Bollywood’s biggest masking film, Salman Khan fans will not be very happy to hear the name of Bharat.

But one thing which was good in the film was Salman Khan Great Bear Transportation. This new phone can be present with the same powerful look and timeline, that is, the same three films Salman Bachpan Jawaani and Papa Senior Sallu Bhai, watch now. Nothing is confirm but the idea is that you will become amazing only when there will be a rival rival to Salman Khan and since this film has to be release on a pan India level, then a big actor from the South Indian industry will be approache

Salman 2025 EID New Movie

Ramayan, the film bee made in Bollywood, saw how it got the hype, as if the name of rocking star Yash was associate with it, I just want to do something like that. It is not certain that the marks of Salman Khan’s new film will be Yashi, but whatever happens, it will be like that. You would not have thought that then the expecte budget of the film is already bee said to be 400 crores because the star cast will be very solid and the fees of these big actresse will also bee equally solid.

Imagine when Salman Khan will make 300 crores box office with Race 3 which was made for almost 200 crores. If you can bring to the office, then a film to bee made for Rs. 400 crores, in which even 50% of Salman Khan’s action avatar is use properly, then what it would do with the box office, perhaps no one can even guess.

Yes, brother, Eid is going to come next year in 2025, exactly after one year, at the end of March, only Chand will not come along with it, the original Bollywood will bring Bhaijaan, what do you say, 400 crores on Bhaijaan Risky or the left hand game of Salman Khan 3.2 pass or Failed comment section is open, come quickly, if you liked something in the rest of the post or have any complaint, then you can tell in the comment, otherwise wait for a little, I will meet you in the next post, okay bye bye.

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