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John Stamos Says Expanding Family with Wife Caitlin McHugh Stamos Isn’t In the Cards

John Stamos Says Expanding Family with Wife Caitlin McHugh Stamos Isn't In the Cards

John Stamos Says Expanding Family

John Stamos has no immediate plans to grow his family.

Speaking to PEOPLE for this week’s issue, the Full House star, 60, opened up about the possibility of expanding his family with wife Kaitlyn McHugh Stamos, 37. The couple, who married in 2018, are already parents to son Billy, 5.

Asked if the actor had any plans to have more children, Stamos tells PEOPLE, “We did, but it doesn’t seem like it’s in the cards.”

“By the way, [Billy’s] always asking for a baby like a brother or sister. If we take three minutes to ignore her, she goes crazy,” he adds.

“He could never deal with a sibling. No, I know he couldn’t. He’d like it first. Oh, there’s a little baby, then me. We’ve got to deal with a baby.”

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Stamos celebrated his 60th birthday in August and documented the occasion on Instagram with his son by his side. In a sweet video, Stamos and Billie lay together in a bed when the actor asks his son, “Do you know how happy I am to be 60 years old and have a son as beautiful as you?” To which Billy replied, “Very happy.”

John Stamos Shot in Malibu on october 2, 2023

Later in the video, Billy adoringly tells his famous father, “You don’t look 60. You appear to be a child. How old do I seem, Stamos responded. What do you truly believe my age is? which led Billy to say Baby again. And you’re 60 years old.

Don’t forget what happened to the man who received everything he always wanted – he lived, Happily, says Willy Wonka in the final scene of Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, which is featured in the video’s montage of family events.

At 60, I’m exactly where I should be! Stamos captioned the touching father-son video, “Thank you for all the birthday wishes and love.” I want to return the favor by giving you the amazing life you’ve given me. On Billy’s birthday earlier this year, Stamos celebrated his son with pictures on Instagram of his Spider-Man/Pokémon/Sonic the Hedgehog-themed birthday party.

John Stamos Shot in Malibu on october 2

In corny rom-coms, it’s a common plot device for the lead character to proclaim, “You complete me.” I’m down to a certain level of emotion and satisfaction because I’m a Disney fan, but I’ve never understood the concept of being “done.” Now I get it,” wrote Stamos in her caption.

I still have a lot to do, the Big Shot star added, but Billy would be the exclamation point at the end of my life if it were a sentence.

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