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SNL Bad Bunny at the Helm, Saturday Night Live Leans Hard on Cameos

SNL Bad Bunny at the Helm, Saturday Night Live Leans Hard on Cameos
Bad Bunny SNL

Bad Bunny at the Helm – Saturday Night Live (SNL)

SNL Well, how about this for a weekend update: Pedro Pascal popped by to help Bad Bunny with his English during his monologue on Tuesday night’s episode of Saturday Night Live while donning an electric blue jacket with no shirt underneath.

Later, Mick Jagger appeared in a mid-telenovela sketch with a black curlicue mustache drawn on the Mount Rushmore of his face, gleefully hitting Bad Bunny and Marcelo Hernandez over the head. Lady Gaga then showed up speaking Spanish to introduce SNL Bad Bunny’s first number, a nice telegraph of future collaborations.

All I had in mind for this episode was a brief glimpse of a Kardashian, so who are they exactly? After Travis and Taylor’s cameo last week, the party was lively. It looks like the show is making up for last season’s loss by giving us multiple random lovable celebrities. Please include cameos from Beyoncé, Tilda Swinton, and Roger Federer next week.

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The evening quickly dissipated with its cold open, the inevitable sot of the House of Representatives’ leadership search. Mickey Day donned a good Jim Jordan, curled up like a fist under his DMV suit. The sketch looked promising when Bowen Yang’s George Santos entered the office clutching the mysterious possessed child from his hallway meltdown scene.

Chloe Fineman’s Lorraine Bobert then calls from the theater performing Aladdin, but her call is cut off as a hand pokes across the screen in search of Booby. But the writers may have noticed that no one clapped when James Austin Johnson entered stage left as Donald Trump. This man—Trump, obviously, not Johnson—is an energy-sucking, spectacle. Let Johnson move on to less orange pastures and give the audience a break.

Even beyond his ability to draw cameos, recent VF cover SNL star Bad Bunny stands out as excellent company. Watching his monologue felt like dripping with mild charisma, even before Pascal slipped into view. Since English is not my first language, some people are unsure if I can host the program, he said. I do what I want, whether or not they are aware of it.

And when Pascal, a sexy shaggy dog next to Bad Bunny’s sleek Doberman, suggested the young host use some self-deprecating humor to endear himself to the audience, our Benito looked confused. “Oh, no tindo. What are you saying? I’m not a fan of arrogance, but this guy gets the joke and delivers it with a wink. He will benefit from his excellent comedic timing in the future.

The show was mostly in Spanish, without subtitles. But the space of the sketch – 16th century explorers trying to impress the King of Spain with their discoveries from the New World; a telenovela shoot about feuding brothers where Punky Johnson can’t say one of her Spanish lines; Marcelo Hernandez introduces his gringo girlfriend to his resentful Mama and Tia, played by Pascal and SNL Bad Bunny – all of which work despite and because of any language barrier. Hernandez never had a good night.

Bad Bunny went from wrapping the stage in leather and dripping in diamonds to a nun’s habit for the next sketch. In a quarrel over the Sister Act, Molly Kearney’s Mother Superior gathers the nuns and talks of a man hiding among them, intent on deflowering the convent. A very bad bunny giggled under her habit, as the other nuns snickered and gasped at this interloper’s carnal pleasure.

You beautiful monster, admit what you have done! demanded Kearney. And just like that, Jaeger turned back to look at his slink, dissatisfied with his habit. “Well, I admit it!” He said happily. It was me. I was the one who used my lips and my lips to corrupt these unfortunate women. Hips, I was the one who rang the bell with my pan-ass as he stopped for a shimmy. This was not the night I saw you coming, I tell you.

Before I leave, a nod and a sigh. If Will Smith had been in the audience last night, he would have jumped out of his seat every few minutes. From Yang’s Santos in the cold open (“Girl, I know Jada’s crazy”) to Jada Pinkerton Smith’s parody of Iago Nodim during Weekend Update (“There’s nothing I feel stronger than hitting on my millionaire husband in public”), the jokes abound. Just felt so mean and ultimately unnecessary. Pinkett Smith’s ubiquity on the press circuit right now is tiresome, and she’s stuck in clickbait hell. But it seems we’re mad at her for not loving America’s former sweetheart like we imagined she should.

The funniest joke of the night was also a letdown. “This week, the WNBA Finals were won by the New York Liberty,” Michael Che announced as the crowd began to cheer. They immediately panicked: “I’m joking. Vegas beat them in four, you phonies. Get on the phone sometime and see if Aja Wilson is free to make a cameo next week.

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