Homelatest movies reviewPathaan 2 Shahrukh Khan Movie Announcement In English

Pathaan 2 Shahrukh Khan Movie Announcement In English

Pathaan 2 Shahrukh Khan Movie Announcement In English, Pathan 2 is going to be made and Shahrukh Khan's next big screen come back
Pathaan 2 Shahrukh Khan Movie Announcement

Pathan 2 Shahrukh Khan Movie Official Announcement

Yes brother, by now everyone must have known that Pathan 2 is going to bee made and Shahrukh Khan’s next big screen come back will bee from there but what you do not know, I have come to tell you, before Pathan 2 there is another film on which Spy Universe is based. The whole future of ‘War 2’ is at stake, the good news is that the shooting of the film has officially started. Hrithik Roshan has set out to take revenge after a little failure of Fighter. In the film, Hrithik will bee seen in a dark negative state character. His sample is of Tiger 3 post credits. The scene was shown lightly and there is only one reason behind why this film can become the most amazing film in the history of Indian cinema.

Pathaan 2 Shahrukh Khan Movie Announcement In English

One name is Junior NTR who will debut in Bollywood as the most powerful villain of the spy universe, who according to some reporters will bee inspired by Hollywood bed guide Thanos. Now forget all the above things for a second, no Pathan 2 has no Var 2. There is a third film which is actually getting more views than these two.

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Tiger vs Pathan, this is the ultimate big budget project of the spy universe. To reach here, the rest of the movies have bee created till now, but the bad news is that the release date of that film is slowly slipping, now it is not 2026 but after three years, it will be 2027 or Then it may come in 2028 also and that is the reason why it happened.

The above two movies Pathan 2 and War 2 were already sequels of Chalo War, but do you know why Pathan 2 is being made because Tiger 3 failed at the box office, the public got angry and Marx got stuck, it became known that these people are only interested in cameras. Now you are getting to hear the surprise announcement of Pathan 2 and Shahrukh Khan agreed to do this film because the plan is such that the sequel of Pathan will be the original. It will bee made 100 times bigger than the original film.

Shahrukh Khan Pathaan 2 Movie In English

Now a news has come out, according to which, not only is John Abraham going to come back in Pathan 2 but he will also bring his best friend along with him. Don’t forget what Colonel Lutha had said that both Jim and Kabir are his best agents. Yes. Yes, the very secret news is that Pathan 2 will bee made. Dangerous events that will happen in After What 2, did not understand indirectly. I am telling you that a good blueprint is ready to pit Hrithik Roshan opposite Shahrukh Khan in Pathan 2. And the exciting thing in this news is that like Pathan and Tiger, SRK and Salman are going to have SRK vs Hrithik face off.

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There is no friendship, only enmity, do you know why such a big change was suddenly introduced in the spy universe because the makers also listen to the public very carefully and they have understood very well that after Tiger 3, the India vs Pakistan angle will not bee sold anymore. We will have to bring something new, do something different to attract the public towards the film, which will start in War 2 when the Hrithik vs Indian angle is going to be totally different from the India vs Pakistan angle.

Although the location of War 2 has been kept in China where Hrithik will play a ghost character i.e. to catch the devil, become an even bigger devil than him, but the real fun will come when like in the original War film, someone else will be hired to catch Hrithik. A spy agent will be need.

Pathaan 2 Movie Official Announcement

Only this will open the way for Pathan 2 when Shahrukh Khan will return to save his country from evil Hrithik Roshan and on this way he will meet the one who will take revenge of his death plus his hand plus the insult of snatching the girl. If you are yearning, then according to this, in Pathan 2, you can get to see SRK vs John vs Hrithik 101% and yes Jr NTR can also be in the story, there is a 50-50 chance and among the girls, Deepika Padukone will definitely come along with Kyra. Advani is also going to be entering the spy universe with war 2.

There are also chances of Alia Bhatt, who will probably bee introduced directly in Pathan 2. No idea which side she will play. So friend, now you yourself are wise. A franchise film in which 8-10 big actresses will work within its budget. There may be not two but three zeros behind, but for now, stop the horses of your mind a bit and say congratulations to your heart because the shooting of Pathan 2 will start in September this year. Anyway, brother, in 2024, Bollywood is already lagging a little behind in the race. To save Bollywood, its king will have to come back. If you liked something in the rest of the post or have any complaint, then you can comment. Otherwise wait a little, I will meet you in the next post, ok bye bye.

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