Homelatest movies reviewShaitaan Trailer Review In English | Shaitaan Movie Trailer Review

Shaitaan Trailer Review In English | Shaitaan Movie Trailer Review

Shaitaan Trailer Review In English | Shaitaan Movie Trailer Review
Shaitaan Trailer Review In English

Shaitaan Movie Trailer Review

Look brother, our Bollywood film industry is number one in the matter of copy paste remake, there is no competition in the whole world, but which film has to be remade to break the box office, this talent is only in one person, the remake is such that it can destroy even the original. We are talking about Ajay Devgan, who even today remains in our mind with the climax of a film like Drishyam, rent free and without any opinion.

To tell you the truth, how many people are there who after watching this film, must be thinking that what was the original film? You may find that there was never a need, but if I tell you, Drishyam was nothing literary, a remake of a film is being made which would probably consume 100 Drishyam during lunch, dinner and breakfast.

You must have heard the name Shaitan, the posts that were coming from the film and I was thinking that those who have not seen the original film do not even know who they are going to meet, grandmother’s story from childhood or Veerana Raj 1920, all this. By watching movies, you know very well what the devil looks like.

Shaitaan Trailer Review In English

If you recognize the devil completely wrong, then how did he become a devil? He lives among us with a face like ours, so Bhai Shaitan is a remix of the Gujarati film Vash Woh Jab Main Mein. I watched the original, I won’t lie, it took three hours to fall asleep that night and after watching the trailer of Shaitan today, you must have understood that this is going to be a cinema which Bollywood never had the courage to show.

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This will be a film which is less in front of the eyes and more in the mind. Psychological horror. This category is a very rare case in Bollywood, so I am enjoying the trailer alone. There is no doubt that if I had not seen the original film, So I could have easily called it one of the best of Bollywood, what better use of the entire 2 minute trailer than introducing the film and making the public yearn to know what happened after these dangerous scenes. The best thing is that every There is a scene which you cannot predict by comparing it with any other film. If the trailer is like this then the whole film will be a maze.

What is the story of Shaitaan movie?

Remember the Shaitan movie from Bhool Bhulaiyaa, don’t make the mistake of considering it as an easy comedy horror film. Boss, here there will bee only tragedy and full emotional, there is a film by Urmila Maam called ‘Kaun Naam’, the level of Shaitan will be two steps higher than that, don’t joke at all. I am a weak hearted person, don’t wander around, especially the casting done by R. Madhavan.

The biggest surprise will be the character of S.E. in this film. The performance will be such that children will start crying. Nowadays, it has not become a rule that one He is also an underrated amazing actor. He transforms the hero into negative characters to make his back less. Yes, back then the devil.

The trailer cut is perfect to put a worm of suspense in your mind. You should also feel a little bit of fear. Also pay attention to this is place. I am saying a little because what will actually happen in the story of the film is 100% guaranteed to give you goosebumps that you would have never imagined.

Shaitaan Trailer full review in English

The black magic theme shown is really something different and new and the music is making the experience 10 times more terrifying and the best thing that the makers of this film have done is that the lead actress of the original film, Janaki. The boss has brought the same in this remake, he had acted at such a level that he started getting stomach ache just watching those original films, it was so natural, so real that fear was visible in his eyes and again the trailer of the devil.

This is proving that after sitting in the theatre, this girl will make you think 10 times whether you have made a mistake by coming. But according to me, these people are going to modify this remake a little bit because Ajay Devgan will have to bee presented as a mastermind like Drishyam because in the original film, Ajay sir’s character is not that special, Janaki did the work in it. .

That’s why it will be fun to see how Bollywood spins this story from a new angle. In this way, there are chances of doubling the fear of the devil. You still have time till 8th March. Recite Hanuman Chalisa daily. It will be best to memorize it in the theatre. Will be very useful. If you liked something in the rest of the post or have any complaint, then you can tell us by commenting, otherwise wait for a while, I will meet you in the next post, take care bye-bye.

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