Homelatest movies reviewBhakshak movie 2024 review in english

Bhakshak movie 2024 review in english

Bhakshak movie 2024 review, Bhakshak movie 2024 review in english, Well, you must have heard about many of our gods, goddesses and demons.
Bhakshak movie 2024 review

Bhakshak Movie Review In English

Bhaskar Review: Well, you must have heard about many of our gods, goddesses and demons. The most dangerous among them was the demon named Raktabeej. He had received a boon from the gods themselves that as soon as a drop of blood from his body fell on the ground, a new demon thousands times more powerful would be born. All the gods got very scared and almost gave up, then Mother Kali took incarnation and tore Raktabeej from the middle and drank all his blood.

You must have seen this photo when Lord Shiva himself had to lie down at the feet of Kali Mata to calm her anger, otherwise the whole world would have ended. Now I told you this story in 2024 because a new Raktabeej has again incarnated in Kalyug. A film named Bhakshak has come on Netflix, which has been produced by Shahrukh Sahab’s company Red Chillies. This story is even more scary because in Raktabeej Kaliyuga, the demon himself has come to deceive the little girls by assuming the form of God. Going to girls’ houses and pretending to be God in front of the world whereas the reality is so scary that the soul trembles.

Bhakshak movie review
Bhakshak movie review

Story of Bhakshak Movie 2024

The government, ministers, police etc. know everything but are completely silent due to the fear of being expose, they are watching the show, at that time Kali Maa had saved the world by incarnating, then in this story a Kali has become her voice. But he does not have a trident in his hand.

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There is a camera and mic. We know what happened to Raktabeej, but will it be so easy to defeat a demon in Kaliyuga, that too one who has manifested as God himself? If you remember, a film named Banda was release 8 months ago, which was release by many people in 2023.

Won the award for the best film, people call it, a dangerous subject taken from real life, hard heating cinema, after watching which you will never be the same, 99% effective film, same to the same, tried its best it This is a real life topic to be shown in cinema and one gets goosebumps just thinking about it.

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A non nonsense in which no time will bee waste at all, only contact will bee given, powerful and effective, this will bee the least Bollywood film with Bollywood, the amazing thing is that the story is an open book, you already know what will happen, How about just 2 hours? Sitting in front of the TV and keeping your eyes fixed on it, behind this is the tremendous presentation of the film which has a lot of tension because as much as the story is playing on the TV, it is also playing in your mind. The best part is that the film doesn’t want you to learn anything. Inspirational cinema. No, it is a perfect crime drama whose writing scares you.

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Yes, but let’s make one thing clear that this movie is not for everyone, if you want to watch something for entertainment and feel good, then switching off the TV will be the biggest shock when CID Officer Abhijeet Sir Movie Will come as a super villain.

The mind was not ready for this, due to which the film hits on a different level, the brilliant performance given by the characters, especially the negative characters, makes it feel as if we are sitting inside the same girls’ home and watching it. The movie and yes, this is Bhoomi. There is nothing to bee compared or confused with the land of Thank You for Coming.

Bhakshak movie 2024 review: The Bhumi Pednekar film

Believe me, when Bhumi says something to you in the role of a news reporter in front of the camera, it seems that those words are not entering your ears directly but your mind. There is also Sanjay sir in films, who is not an actor himself but he has a complete school of acting.

See, I have said it many times before, businessman SRK is bigger than actor SRK, Pathan and Jawan Bank are number one in the meat category in theaters and Love Hostel, Bob Vishwas, Darling Betaal are on OTT. The class has a very long list of absolute champions.

So trust ‘Bhaksh’ without any doubt, still guarantee my four stars, firstly, hard heating subject is not everyone’s cup of tea, making a film on it, secondly, zero time pass, only content, complete focus only on story. But don’t bee put off, Chauth Kamal’s unexpecte casting CID Abhijeet Sir from protector to devotee Kamal’s idea role Comeback is a serious film, Chauth is daring film making.

Brother, if you make such a true cinema, you will be stunne. Safety warning, negative is just a complaint inside the story. You are understanding the story in layers, the story demands a little more detail, what is missing is easy inside, you are just alone at home. Want something dangerous while sitting or want to spend some time with family in theatre, both options are available till you decide, I will be back soon. Okay, take care with the new post.

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