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Poacher Web Series Review In English | Poacher Web Series

Poacher Web Series Review In English
Poacher Web Series Review In English

Poacher Web Series Review in English

Let me tell you about a show which while watching will take you straight to the middle of the forest. This is not a joke. Jim Corbett is sitting at home. Before that, you have to answer one of my questions. It is easy for you. I promise, I and you Ganesh will accept it. Ganpati Bappa Morya is the biggest devotee of Lord Ganesha and to take this devotion to the very top, he buys the world’s most expensive idol of Lord Ganesha and brings it home.

But how and why is it so expensive? When I searched about it, what answer did I get? This statue is made of elephant ivory. If I explain it in Hindi, then it is the thing that looks like big white teeth on both sides of the elephant’s face. He says that the ivory and the idol that you have just brought and installed at your home is the biggest business in the world worth crores of rupees, zero will not be able to fit even in so many calculators, try it now tell me, the face of the elephant, Ganesh ji. You can give a second life to Lord Ganesha by killing him yourself. Seeing the idol that has been made, Lord Ganesha will bless you or give you the most terrible curse in the world.

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Story of Poacher Web Series

After reading this post, please think and tell. Poacher is a show which allows you to roam around the entire jungle from home without sitting in a jeep, the only condition is that you will have to devote full 5-6 hours as you must have already understood. The concept of the show is about elephant porting, which means not just hunting it. Making a business Kerala is called God’s own country and many animals etc. live here in the forest. It is a very comfortable green heaven but then a demon steps on this God’s land who slowly one by one destroys the forest. Starts destroying elephants.

The lion is the king of the jungle, haven’t you and I and we all have read this thing many times, then it is the job of the lion to provide justice to the elephant, but when the lion also takes two steps back and sits hiding in the forest out of fear, then understand that there. Man has come, the world’s biggest monster. Have you heard about Delhi Crime? There will be an Oscar for Indian web series, otherwise this show will be sitting at the top number one with a trophy in hand.

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Poacher Web Series Review in English

The creator of this show has brought out the poacher from his mind and the surprising thing is that Delhi Crime was only about one murder whereas this show with poacher has been written on the dead bodies of more than 100 elephants. Let me tell you directly. Why should you watch this show? Its subject is very different, serious and also of scary type, something like this has never bee made in India till date, only one film was released in India, Vidya Balan’s Sherni. If by mistake you are a fan of that type of cinema, then poacher is yours. It’s like a lottery, eight episodes is no work from heaven.

The show has bee made to give such a real and tearful experience like investigation of thieves in police style, not like shooting but watching live CCTV footage of someone and yes, if it is about animals then it will be boring like the programs coming on National Geographic and Discovery. Don’t even think, you will get the complete adventure of a dangerous suspense thriller and the setting will be like a jungle.

Where you will also meet the lion, there are a lot of twisting terms, as you think, it turns out to be the opposite and your mind goes round and round, you will get air in the climax, but let me remind you, there is a condition, you will have to give some time because in the story. There are layers, that is why it will take time to open completely. Intelligent cinema is not for everyone. Now because this show is Kerala’s best, the best thing it has done is that it has picked up some such actors from there.

Poacher series story in English

Brother, who is famous for his work and not for his name, it would take 5 dictionaries to praise Mishra ji. I feel like Puri Puri was born in the jungle. The character of Roshan Mathews is sitting inside you amidst the elephants. This will bring out the fans of Family Man, whereas Devendra sir is in a different league, he does not even act, he takes a new birth in every film, in the same story. If you do not like Alia Bhatt for her acting, then respect this by knowing this. It will bee added that he himself has presented this show in front of the public, so Bhai Pochar will get full 4 out of 5 stars from me.

Tremendous concept, dangerous story telling, excellent use of wildlife and strong acting. One major complaint in the negative is that the villain characters are not that solid. After hearing about them, when they actually come in front of the eyes, one does not feel scared. Yes, then the answer is your Ganesh ji one. I have not received it yet, I have opened the comment section, I will wait for your valuable words. If you liked anything in the rest of the post or have any complaint, you can tell in the comment, otherwise wait for a little, I will meet you in the next post, okay bye bye. .

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