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Shaitaan Movie Box Office Collection Reaction

Shaitaan Movie Box Office Collection Reaction, The entire Bollywood gets abused for making remixes, but there is one actor on whose remixes
Shaitaan Movie Box Office Collection

Ajay Devgn Shaitaan Movie Box Office Collection

The entire Bollywood gets abuse for making remixes, but there is one actor on whose remixes people spend money. Loot as much as you want Ajay Devgan has a unique talent. Everyone does remixes, but which film has the selection power like him? No one has the power to remake Drishyaan, and by remaking the scene, it created such an iconic cinema that till today, people feel that it was the original film whereas the original one would be a remake of it. The box office result was that Scene 1 and Scene 2 remake together did a total business of Rs 450 crores all over the world.

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You will call it a copy film, after that there is Bhola in which Devgan sir himself became the director and showed such a stand that leave aside the public, other directors fell at his feet, people unnecessarily taunted the film whereas Bhola scored a world wide century. Had done a business of 123 crores.

Know ‘Shaitan’ Movie Box Office Collection

One should never doubt Cheetah’s trickster Baz Ki Nazar and Ajay Devgan’s Remix, but that suspense has now entered into Banda Horror. People have started recognizing the Gujarati film Vash, because of them people are talking about the devil, sir, who is sitting in the theater. It is giving pain in the stomach of people and creating a hole in the mind. People are calling it torture, not horror. This is also true because leave alone making disturbing cinema of this level in Bollywood, perhaps no one would have even had the courage to sleep and this is the reason. 30,000 tickets are being booked rapidly in one hour, that too on Shaitan’s online website and offline, so the crowd will bee very long.

Actually, this is a subject of ghosts, everyone has their opinion about it, good or bad, but no one can ignore it, that is why when tickets are booked, sir, a single person does not go, the whole family goes together and watches it, they are afraid of each other. Scare is worth the money and this is the reason due to which Shaitan has got the biggest opening till date in the category of horror movies made in Bollywood, Meri Hai Day 1, Ajay Devgan and the team have exceeded everyone’s expectations by collecting more than 15 crores which is 10-11 crores. To understand how big this number is, catch the biggest film of this year so far, Fighter. After a big star like Hrithik Roshan and top level promotion, the Day 1 collection came to Rs. 22 crores.

Earnings of ‘Shaitan’ Movie

Now perhaps Ajay Devgan’s Rs 15 crore doesn’t sound like much to you, anyway it is the tortoise who wins the box office, not the rabbit and when the rest of the film is good, it never falls below Day 1 from Day 2, that is why the devil has said Saturday. Earned 19-20 crores on the second day, but the sound of 80 bang will be heard after Sunday’s collection where it is running like a rabbit much ahead of our expectations. According to the early production, Shaitan Day 3 – Sunday from 25 After calculating, the collection will be between Rs 30 crores. In just three days, a remix film of Ajay Devgan will reach Rs 60 crores. Listened carefully whether the business of the remix film Wow Hello Fighter in three days was Rs 90 crores.

But this game was completely changed from Monday when the film fell from 29 crores to 8 crores, I just think that Ajay Devgan’s remix selection will show its real magic because the subject of Shaitan is such that even on Monday it will take double figures. If Day 4 Shaitan pulls the collection to 8-10 crores then you should be ready, the film Life Time Double Century will not hit 200 crores and Hello Shaitan is not a big budget film, everything should be ready in just 55-60 crores. Ajay Devgan and Madhavan had gone by combining the fees of all.

Shaitaan Movie Box Office Collection Review

So don’t be too surprise, the devil earns three times more than its budget and hits a six of Rs. 200 crores. It may not be a superhit but it may become a blockbuster because the next big movie will bee release directly after a month, Bade Miyan Chhote Miyan and Ajay Devgan’s Maidan itself will be release for 30 days. Sir, what does Shaitan say to continue his vashikaran? How much will be the public final collection? After Shaitan will come Maidan, after that Singham 3 will shake the entire Bollywood. A new bank should be open in the name of Ajay Sir. Say yes or no. If you liked something in the rest of the post or have any complaint, please do tell in the comments. Otherwise wait a bit, I will meet you in the next post, take care bye bye.

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